En Bora - Beyond Amazon's Riverbanks - Full Movie

with English subtitles

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En Bora - Beyond Amazon's Riverbanks - Trailer

with English subtitles

“- We came to learn the songs and stories to heal. Then the grandfather said: - Grandchildren, you will be able to learn and without a doubt, he said, I will teach you everything, from the beginning to the end.”

Part of an old Bora tale

“Soy Indio” (“I’m Indian”) and “Soy Bora” (“I’m Bora”). This is the way Aladino defines himself. Aladino is a shaman from Pebas, a remote village in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. Shamans are healers, using the coca plant (ground to perfection), tobacco, sugar cane rum, “ampiri” (a mixture of tobacco with wild tree salt) to heal local people.  The expertise and millennial histories are passed down through generation after generation of Bora Tribesman.


With the world completely globalized, Aladino is now an exile in his own land.  While his culture is fading, the most important healing element for the Boras, the coca plant, is where he finds the strength to keep on living like a true shaman. The 4-year project is a multimedia story about a man standing against the decimation of millennial culture. The approach as if we were in his mind, feeling the psychological changes on this metaphoric journey about Amazon’s spirituality and a battle of a shaman not to be like everyone else.

Pena e Maracá - A Encantaria do Fundo - Trailer

with English subtitles

Pena e Maracá - A Encantaria do Fundo - Full Movie with English Subs

Deep in the rivers and streams, in the mystical city of Soure, on the Island of Marajo in Brasil, is inhabited by the Enchanted. They are Beings of Light that through local shamans and healers, have the power to heal and the practice of its teachings and powers is called Pajelança Cabocla, better known as Pena and Maracá. Between chants and prayers, gourds and wooden spoons, white gowns and earth surgeons, feathers and maracas we will navigate through the invisible world of the “Encantaria do Fundo”. The stories of the characters in the film will elucidate the universe of this curative practice and the future of a culture that is one of the most peculiar of the Amazon.

Filme completo - Full movie with English Subs:

The single paragraph of the Article 6 of the Brazilians Federal Constitution defines as social rights education, healthcare, nutrition, labour, housing, leisure, security, social welfare, maternity and childhood protection, assistance to the unprotected ones. 

These rights are denied to the occupants of the IBGE abandoned building, as well as to a significant part of Brazil population. IBGE residents live in improvised shelters, whose rooms are created by wood beams and pieces of curtains, with no electricity or piped water, and where garbage and waste are surrounding them

The occupied ruins are located in the heart of Mangueira, on e of the most famous favelas in Rio de Janeiro, internationally well-known for its long samba tradition. Residents' routine is the explicit denunciation of authorities' negligence, also considering the amount of public resources spent in Maracana stadium - so close but so far at the same time -. Have the investments missed the address by a distance of only 15 minute walk, or have they forgotten the priorities? 

In times when the risk of arbitrary removal is imminent, this project, besides being a photo essay and a short documentary, is a complaint. The intention is to gain attention from authorities and public institutions, and it also aims to sensitize and mobilize the public in order to guarantee a proper home for all these families.