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article 6 - we don't wanna become a statistic

The single paragraph of Article 6 of the Brazilian Federal Constitution defines as social rights education, healthcare, nutrition, labor, housing, leisure, security, social welfare, maternity and childhood protection, assistance to the unprotected ones. 


These rights are denied to the occupants of the IBGE abandoned building, as well as to a significant part of Brazil's population. IBGE residents live in improvised shelters, whose rooms are created by wood beams and pieces of curtains, with no electricity or piped water, and where garbage and waste are surrounding them.


The occupied ruins are located in the heart of Mangueira, one of the most famous favelas in Rio de Janeiro, internationally well-known for its long samba tradition. Residents' routine is the explicit denunciation of authorities' negligence, also considering the number of public resources spent in Maracana stadium - so close but so far at the same time -. Have the investments missed the address by a distance of only a 15-minute walk, or have they forgotten the priorities? 

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