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my time to vote now | an e-Título generation

Over the past 3 years, Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has persistently threatened our democracy. Now he turns his focus to our electronic voting system, which has been in use successfully since 1996 and is made with high-tech electronic security systems. In the event of his defeat at the polls on October 2, the tone becomes even more serious as he has threatened to declare election fraud and the possibility of a military coup or a violent partisan revolt like the January 6 Capitol Riot in the US becomes ever more real.


On the other hand, early this year more than 2 million young people registered to vote, mainly through an official mobile application (e-Título) or online, and will be able to vote this year for the first time. This action definitely strengthens our democratic process, a historic record that was achieved through a massive PR campaign on social networks that involved celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo.


This series of portraits is an attempt to understand the point of view of these young people about this complex political moment in the country. The idea is to hear what they think about this moment, if they trust the current electoral system and how technology can be an important tool to bring more inclusion and diversity into the Brazilian democratic process. In addition, the investigation navigates through the main current issues for them, if they really believe in the power of voting and if it can change the reality that surrounds them. In the election that is being considered the most important in our recent history, will this e-Título generation make a difference?

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